Get to know the kererū - New Zealand's only endemic wood pigeon.

The kererū is endemic, which means it is found nowhere else in the world! 

It is a large bird with a small green head, white chest, and purple/bronze iridescence on the wings.

Kererū make distinctive sounds with their wings in flight, but are normally silent with occasional 'coooo's coming through the forest.

They can live for 10-20 years.
Kererū eat buds, leaves, flowers and fruit. They spread the seeds of over 70 of our native trees and plants!

Kererū fly long distances, making them crucial for regenerating and restoring the native forests.

Because of their massive size, they are also the only bird left which can swallow and disperse the seeds from native trees such as miro, matai, and kahikatea.
Kererū populations are vulnerable to human environments. Introduced predators (possums, stoats, and rats) eat their eggs and chicks, while destroying their habitat and food sources. Kererū are also killed by cars, window strikes, electricity wires, and illegal hunting.
Counting the kererū that are present (or absent) during the Great Kererū Count will help us to better protect our precious forest guardians!