City Sanctuary aims to get 1 in 10 households trapping in their backyards! 

In order to reach our aim we are trialling what works and what doesn't with regard to backyard trapping.

Over the next couple of years we're fully funding backyard traps to three pilot suburbs and once we find out the best approach to achieve city-wide backyard trapping, we'll partly fund and support operations in ten suburbs across the city. 

So we can get an idea of how communities will respond to backyard trapping, we're phasing our engagement in the three pilot suburbs. 

Māori Hill

We are part way through our one-year trial in Māori Hill but that doesn't mean we can't supply you with a trap!

North Dunedin

This year our focus is on activating backyard trapping in North Dunedin. If you live in North Dunedin, now is the time to sign up for a trap!


We will be shifting our focus to Caversham in July 2021, sign up to host a trap now and we will be in contact as soon as we have completed North Dunedin. 


 Register for a trap here!