Uni students Toby and Emma have been backyard trapping from their North Dunedin flat since the start of the year. Their kill count comes in at 2 possums and 1 hedgehog so far, using a Trapinator and T-Rex trap.

Toby and Emma.

What motivated you get involved in backyard trapping?

Toby: We had a possum in our backyard, then happened to get a pack in our letterbox from City Sanctuary which motivated us to get in contact.

Why are you passionate about backyard trapping?

Emma: I’ve always been into conservation of native wildlife and bush. I come from a family of conservationists that work with DOC and we used to trap pests as a kid.

Toby: I’ve always had a respect for the unique natural environment we have in NZ and was super keen to be a small part of the conservation effort. I’d never trapped before and flatting next to the town belt this year meant it made perfect sense to set some traps up.

Any trapping tips for others?

Toby: Get involved, no harm in setting a trap up. Be patient and persistent with baiting and resetting and the catch will come!

Emma: Just get into it, talk to other people who are trapping if need be, and do research on the benefits if you’re concerned.