The Goodnature A24 comes with a bluetooth attachment called Chirp. This syncs with a mobile device to alert you when the trap has fired.

Even if you haven’t seen any rats under your trap, Chirp counts how many you’ve killed and shares this data with the Goodnature app on your mobile phone. This is shared with City Sanctuary, allowing us to keep track of collective efforts to protect native wildlife in Dunedin.

Chirp also lets you know how many strikes are left before you need to replace the gas canister and when to change the lure.

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Download the Chirp app

Download the Goodnature Chirp App from the App store (iPhone) or Google Play (Android).

Create an account.

Make sure bluetooth is activated on your phone.

Go to My traps and select the plus button to add your trap.

Activate the Chirp

Remove the shroud cap on top of the trap by twisting anti-clockwise. You can do this when the trap is installed but keep your hands away from the trap entrance.

Detach the Chirp by pressing the black tabs inside.

Remove the white tab to activate the battery.

Press firmly to re-attach the Chirp to the shroud cap. You should hear it click.

Look for a red light flashing on your Chirp. Your phone will say "pairing with chirp" once it has detected the device using Bluetooth. 

Follow the instructions in your phone to finish activating your Chirp. It will ask for your trap number which can be found on the side of your device (e.g. MHGN001).

Share your Chirp with City Sanctuary

Once you have paired your Chirp, you will need to share what you catch by joining City Sanctuary's group in the Goodnature Chirp app.

Go to Settings > Your organisations > Join an organisation.

You will be asked to enter a 6 digit code which is 516346.

We will approve your request to join. Your trap data will then automatically be shared with the City Sanctuary team!

Checking your Chirp

Once Chirp is installed, it will send a notification when you are within range of the trap and Bluetooth is active on your phone. If you aren't in range, it will hold this data until you are next close enough to collect it. 

You can check manually for any new activity. Open the Goodnature Chirp app on your phone. Wake your Chirp up by briefly removing the shroud cap and hold it upside down or shake it until you see the red light flashing. The Chirp will flash yellow once it is connected and has data to transfer.

It can sometimes take up to 30 seconds to receive notifications on your phone.

For more information and frequently asked questions about using Chirp, please visit the Goodnature website