The Goodnature is an automated kill trap designed specifically to target rats and stoats.

It has a long-life lure pouch that attracts predators into the trap. The trap mechanism fires when triggered.
It is powered by a CO2 canister and will reset itself 24 times. The carcass drops to the ground where it can be scavenged.

The Goodnature A24 also comes with a bluetooth attachment called Chirp. This syncs with a mobile device to alert you when the trap has fired. This is also shared with City Sanctuary, allowing us to keep track of collective efforts to protect native wildlife across Ōtepoti/Dunedin.

Where to put your trap

The Goodnature A24 is designed to be mounted on a tree.

Start where you have seen rats or where they are likely to be active (like near rubbish and compost bins). Rats tend to avoid open areas and prefer cover. You may have more success putting your trap in a quiet corner or along a fence line, hedge or building.

Using a chew card is the best way to find a good place for your trap. These show which predators are around and where they are more likely to interact with a trap.

What to use as bait

The Goodnature A24 comes with a long-life automatic lure pump which contains a chocolate mixture. You can also get a blood lure to attract stoats.

Replace the lure every 6 months to keep it fresh and attractive to pests. Always run excess lure up the base of your tree or post towards the trap as this will help guide predators towards it.

How to install your trap

Remove the trap mount by using your forefinger and thumb to press the black tabs inwards.

Screw the trap mount to your chosen tree (1). The trap entrance should be around a hand width (12cm) above the ground. Start with the top screw and make sure not to over-tighten.

Remove the black cap from the gas canister. Screw the canister firmly into the trap (2). It will make a hissing sound. Hand tighten only. Be careful to keep the screw thread clean and free of debris. Your trap is now live so keep your hands clear of the trap entrance.

Click the trap into the trap mount by tilting the trap body backwards and lowering it onto the top locking tab.

Setting up your Chirp

Remove the shroud cap by twisting anti-clockwise and detach the Chirp attachment by pressing the black tabs inside.

Download the Goodnature App from the App store (iPhone) or Google Play (Android) and create an account.

Make sure bluetooth is activated on your phone.

Go to My traps and select the plus button to add your trap.

Remove the white tab to activate the battery and press firmly to re-attach the Chirp to the shroud cap. You should hear it click.

Look for a red light flashing on your Chirp. Your phone will say "pairing with chirp" once it has detected the device. 

Follow the instructions to finish activating your Chirp. Make sure to join City Sanctuary on the app and transfer your trap so we can access your data.

Activating the automatic lure pump

Remove the 10 cent coin from the top of the automatic lure pump. Gently squeeze and shape the automatic lure pump into the shroud cap. Push into the shroud cap until the edge is flush with the edge of the shroud cap rim (3).

Remove the screw cap. A small amount of lure may be forced out. Use your finger to dig it out and wipe on the tree below your trap to make it more attractive.

Reattach to the trap body by screwing the lure pump into the internal thread of the lure cradle. Then secure the shroud crap to the trap by twisting clockwise (4).

The automatic lure pump is now set and active!

Disposing of carcasses

If you find a carcass under your trap, take a photo and upload it to the app. 

To dispose of a carcass, you can bury in the garden (planting a native on top to symbolise your effort can be a nice touch), put in your compost bin (if you have one) or double-bag and place in your Dunedin City Council rubbish bags.

Report your results

Share what you catch by joining City Sanctuary's group on the Goodnature app.

Go to Settings > Your organisations > Join an organisation. You will be asked to enter a 6 digit code which is 516346.

We will approve your request to join and trap data is automatically shared with the City Sanctuary team!

Safety information

Never put your fingers or hand in the trap entrance.

Always wear gloves when handling your trap or carcasses. This minimises the risk of catching animal-borne diseases such as leptospirosis.

If you are changing the C02 canister or moving the trap, do a test-fire to ensure you have removed the final charge.