So you want to help kererū in your community? 

There are LOTS of ways to help the kererū near you. Over the next few weeks, we will be sharing some ideas right here at Kererū HQ.

Join the Great Kererū Count

The Great Kererū Count is New Zealand’s largest citizen science project. By spotting (or not spotting) the colourful kererū in Dunedin, we can better understand how they are doing and how local conservation efforts by City Sanctuary, the Halo Project, and Otago Peninsula Biodiversity Group are helping!  

Tell your friends!

Encourage your classmates, friends, neighbours, and community to participate in the Great Kererū Count. It runs for 10 days, between the 18th and 27th of September 2020. It only takes five minutes to enter your observations online.

Together our understanding of kererū habitat, food supply, and distribution will provide insight about the local population’s health and recovery.

Look for predators are visiting your backyard

Did you know introduced predators like rats, possums and stoats eat kererū eggs and chicks? They also destroy native habitat and food sources for kererū - oh dear!

You can find out whether predators are visiting your backyard by making a tracking tunnel. If you find any, talk to your whānau about setting a backyard trap. Check City Sanctuary's website to see if your community has a trapping group.

Plant native trees in your community

Kererū need kai and native trees are a great way to provide food. You're helping just by signing up to the Kererū Club since all participating schools will receive native trees to plant on their grounds or in their community!

What more can I do?

Keep checking Kererū HQ for more top tips to help kererū or read this guide by our friends at Kererū Discovery.