The streets of North Dunedin are no longer safe for rats and possums.

Less ratties in flatties

North Dunedin is one of City Sanctuary’s predator free suburbs. Flats are backyard trapping to help protect native wildlife and provide a line of defence connecting trap networks in the Town Belt, Woodhaugh Gardens and the Botanic Garden. 

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Student trappers

"I’ve always had a respect for the unique natural environment we have in NZ and was super keen to be a small part of the conservation effort. I’d never trapped before and flatting next to the town belt this year meant it made perfect sense to set some traps up." - Toby, North Dunedin trapper

Information for landlords

If you're interested in having a trap at a property you own in North Dunedin, please get in touch: [email protected]

  • Traps are easy to use, humane kill tested and safe around pets
  • We don't use any poisons or toxins in our traps
  • Traps are located outside and kept in safety housing to protect pets
  • Carcasses can be buried or disposed of in the rubbish bin
  • City Sanctuary provides training and support for backyard trappers

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