It’s not just your flatmates stealing food.

Help protect native wildlife and clean up North Dunedin through backyard trapping.

We’re supporting 1 in 10 households in the area to get involved by providing rat traps for your backyard.

Sign up to host a trap in your backyard and join the movement to create a Predator Free Dunedin by 2050!

What's lurking in your backyard?

Find out which pests are living or visiting your backyard by putting out some non-toxic, hypoallergenic chew cards. Chew cards are a great way to monitor mice, rats, possums and stoats - contact us if you would like some chew cards and be a backyard pest detective! 


Get involved as a volunteer and help nature thrive in North Dunedin. There are plenty of ways to contribute — from monitoring predators and wildlife, to spreading the word through social media, or even leading the way as a community champion.

Volunteering is a great way to get involved with conservation. You’ll learn new skills and gain experience that look great on your CV — we’ll even keep a record of your contributions.

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