The Open Valley Urban Ecosanctuary Project (Open VUE) is a collaborative project that brings together the Lindsay Creek Catchment community, the Valley Project, Orokonui Ecosanctuary and the University of Otago.

Open VUE seeks to utilise the unique spatial structure of North East Valley as a defined catchment area for Lindsay Creek, and as a green corridor with the potential to link the Dunedin Town Belt with Orokonui Ecosanctuary. Open VUE will build on the very strong sense of local community identity, and the sound administrative base provided by the existing Valley Project. Open VUE aims to engage with partners to undertake a comprehensive programme focused on community engagement in green space enhancement and pest control through biodiversity mapping, species monitoring and environmental education. Drawing on the experience of established community ecosanctuaries we aim to be a model for other community projects. Open VUE proceeds through five intersecting themes: Biodiversity, Land, Water, Pests and People.

Vision 2100

A protected landscape, in which effective management creates a low-pest environment and supports healthy populations of indigenous species, where human livelihoods and cultural and historical features are valued and sustained, and where people can interact with nature on a daily basis in their own neighbourhoods, enabling them to re-engage with the natural world around them.

How you can get involved

  • Backyard predator trapping
  • Backyard native tree planting and weeding noxious weeds
  • Working bees (planting and weeding) at adopted sites
  • Working bees at native plant propagation nursery
  • Species monitoring and mapping (predators, native birds, lizards and invertebrates)


Clare Cross
03 473 8614

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