Open Valley Urban Ecosanctuary:

The Open Valley Urban Ecosanctuary Project (Open VUE) is a collaborative project that brings together the community, The Valley Project, Orokonui Ecosanctuary and the University of Otago.

About us:

Building on The Valley Project's holistic connection with the local community and environment; Open VUE and partners seek to revitalise the unique topography of North East Valley as a defined catchment area for Lindsay Creek, as an open urban Ecosanctuary for resident native taonga species and extended home for species dispersing from Orokonui Ecosanctuary, linking to the Dunedin Town Belt. We are delivering this project within North East Valley, Normanby, Ōpoho, Pine Hill, Liberton, Dalmore and Upper Junction suburbs. Within this area we are facilitating the “Backyard Ecosanctuaries” programme to encourage wildlife friendly actions in backyards and community spaces. The backyard trapping programme is part of the Backyard Ecosanctuaries programme. 

Predator Management - Backyard Monitoring and Trapping

Backyard trap installations (possum traps)

Emily Peterson, our Community Trapping Coordinator is delivering Predator Free Dunedin's City Sanctuary Project working towards 1 in 10 households rat and possum trapping within our project areas.

We will be actively engaging with residents to help them initially get set up with possum traps. We can assess your property’s trapping needs, install appropriate traps and support you in your backyard trapping journey. Backyard possum trapping helps support our beautiful native bird and plant species. As a prerequisite for trap installation, our Community Trapping Coordinator may ask you a few questions, to ensure the trap can be installed safely on your property (i.e. Is there a suitable tree or fence post to install the trap?). 

Contact: Emily Peterson, Community Trapping Coordinator [email protected], phone 03 473 8614.


Trap Library

If you’re after that pesky rat, or for help finding out about mammalian predators that may be lurking in your backyard, get in touch about backyard trapping.

Due to the Red Traffic light setting, the Trap Library is open as a click and collect service. Please contact [email protected] or call 03 473 8614, to discuss trapping options and arrange collection. Thank you for your patience.

The team will have monitoring devices (tracking tunnels, chew cards and trail cameras) and rat traps available.

Volunteer opportunities:

How you can get involved

  • Backyard Ecosanctuaries programme
  • Backyard predator trapping
  • Volunteer reserve trap line checking
  • Backyard native tree planting and weeding noxious weeds
  • Working bees (planting and weeding) at adopted sites
  • Working bees at native plant propagation nursery
  • Species monitoring and mapping (predators, native birds, lizards and invertebrates)


The trapping programme is made possible as part of the Open VUE Backyard Ecosanctuaries programme and through support from Predator Free Dunedin's City Sanctuary Project,  ORC’s Ecofund and Dunedin’s Environment Strategy: Te Ao Tūroa and with support from our wonderful reception, Youth Grow, North Dunedin Shed Society, and community Volunteers. 




For trap library and overall project coordination: 

Clare Cross

[email protected]

03 473 8614

For trap installations

Emily Peterson

[email protected]

03473 8614


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