This agreement is between Predator Free Dunedin's City Sanctuary project and its delivery partner, Dunedin City Council (DCC).

This agreement starts on the date it is submitted. 


I will receive a project description for each volunteer activity I participate in detailing what is expected of me including what I, and City Sanctuary, will contribute to the project. 


  1. I agree to volunteer and work, as directed on City Sanctuary volunteer projects, and to accept support by an appointed key contact. I understand that I will not be paid for any work.
  2. I will accept any training and support offered.
  3. I will cooperate fully in implementing City Sanctuary's health and safety plan.
  4. I have read, understood and agree to the relevant City Sanctuary health and safety plan as provided by the key contact.
  5. I will take all reasonable practical steps to ensure my safety and the safety of those affected by my work.
  6. I have told the City Sanctuary key contact about any medical conditions they need to be aware of to ensure my safety.
  7. I will report any hazards, safety concerns and incidents to my key contact.
  8. If I have any concerns or dispute I shall raise these at first instance with my key contact. If a dispute cannot be resolved by my key contact, I understand I may contact my key contact’s direct supervisor. 
  9. I will keep any personal information that I may become aware of during my work with City Sanctuary confidential.
  10. I accept that the Dunedin City Council have no responsibility whatsoever for any personal accident, loss or damage while I am engaged in this project.
  11. I accept that medical costs associated with personal accidents are paid for by ACC and that I am responsible for any medical cost that isn't meet by ACC.